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Location: Kempen, Germany

ST15 simplifies your precision work and is suitable for 10–16 ton machines. The SMP Tiltrotator improves the machine’s capabilities by making it more flexible and effective and you can perform advanced and precision work without having to move the machine. The tiltrotator can be mounted onto the existing quick coupler or directly onto the excavator arm. ST15 can be adapted for most machines in the size range and is available with most types of quick coupler systems and with a direct mounted upper/lower section.


The tiltrotator is equipped with different types of control systems and valves based on customer needs and the model of the tiltrotator.
We offer a 4-hose solution and MACS ST. With the 4-hose solution, the tiltrotator is connected to the excavator’s double acting auxiliary hydraulics and maneuvered via the excavator’s control system with joystick handle thumb rollers or rocker switch. With MACS ST, the tiltrotator is connected to the excavator’s single acting auxiliary hydraulics and is operated with joystick handle thumb rollers and the control system provided by SMP.

The tilt and rotor functions of the MACS ST valve system solution have proportionally controlled valves to enable exact precision during operation. You control the tiltrotator functions with MACS ST. Functions and control are operated with joysticks equipped with stepless rollers.


Product information

  • Product information
  • incl. wiring and installation instructions
  • double-acting cylinders
  • Standard oil passage with 6 channels
  • Infinitely rotatable 360
    Grease lubricated rotary movement
  • Pivoting 2 x 40°
  • 12/24VDC
  • Oil requirement min./max.: 40/80 l/min
  • Swing torque at 21 MPa: 26.4 kNm
  • Rotation speed: 7s/rev
  • Torque: 7000 N
  • Housing made of cast steel
  • Valve system/control system: TXX(CS)
  • Upper recording: MS10
  • Quick coupler below: HS 10
  • Year of construction 2016